December 2023

3 tips for creating a standout social media presence for your home services business

For local home services businesses, your social media presence is one of the most important tools you can use to reach more great customers. Your profiles are your opportunity to highlight what makes you different, share your personality, and engage with your customers where they’re at—online!

But to really reach top-of-mind just in time, social media ads offer an even higher-impact way to stand out and generate trackable ROI.

Social media ads, like paid posts in your customers’ Facebook feeds, or a branded story on Instagram, put your home services brand literally in the hands of the customers most likely to use you. That’s what makes this advertising strategy so valuable—and cost-effective.

How can you create scroll-stopping social media ads that drive new business straight to your business? Start with these three best practices, straight from Meta (with the help of Analytic Partners) themselves.

Social media standout tip #1: Focus on short-form

According to Hubspot, short-form videos continue to generate the highest ROI of any social media marketing effort. And 33% of social media teams plan to invest even more into short-form video content this year. Short-form videos aren’t just a short-lived trend—they’re a powerful way to combine visuals, personality, and audio, showcasing who your company really is.

“According to Meta’s advertising report, ads that appeared just 1 – 1.5x per week actually generated a 22% higher ROI than those that only appeared every other week or more than 2x per week.”

In the home services sector, showcasing your team’s skills and expertise visually can be a relatable way to show potential customers you can solve what they’re struggling with. Videos like quick maintenance tips, interviews with happy customers, or an overview of this season’s most valuable preventative maintenance services give your viewers something to engage with and remember.

Rather than putting all your marketing effort into long-form how-to articles and static images, consider adding short and sweet snippets to your ad strategy—and get more attention with less effort!

Social media standout tip #2: Optimize your ad frequency

You already know, the home services landscape is extremely competitive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the more ads, the better. In fact, inundating your audiences’ social feeds with daily ads and content can lead them to tune out—instead of calling in.

According to Meta’s advertising report, ads that appeared just 1 – 1.5x per week actually generated a 22% higher ROI than those that only appeared every other week or more than 2x per week.

To really maximize your marketing budget, we recommend focusing on quality ads over quantity-based tactics. Because well-planned, creative, and professionally designed ad campaigns, placed weekly in front of the right group of interested homeowners, businesses, and decision-makers, outperform a high volume of low-quality ads.

While the perfect sweet spot can vary a bit by area and industry, when you work with a social media ad pro (like our HomeBoost ad team!) they can help you identify the ideal ad types, frequency, and channels to attract high-value leads—and year-round sales.

Social media standout tip #3: Show up and go up!

When you create a social media ad, you have the option to choose from a variety of different placements and ad types. On Meta, for example, you can choose to run your ad as an in-feed post, drop it into Instagram stories, or run it along the side of the screen as a banner—and that’s just a few of your options!

So, which placement is best for your brand? According to Meta, ads that show up in multiple places in a variety of forms drive greater brand recognition—ideal for local home services brands who want to be top-of-mind when something breaks, bursts, leaks, or wears out.

Short-form video ads with at least eight different placements across Meta’s platforms have been shown to be 3x more effective than ads with less than three placements. In other words, the more ways you show up, the more opportunities you have to go up!

Like with ad frequency, it’s best to develop your ad placement plan with the help of a seasoned social media ad expert. With so many options and specs to navigate, working with a pro who knows your industry inside and out can maximize your marketing budget—not your spending!

Want an ad strategy that pays for itself? Choose HomeBoost by MediaSpark.

Our team of paid media specialists and marketing pros help home services brands show, tell, and sell, without blowing their budget. Our completely custom approach to marketing and advertising makes your business shine and your customers keep calling—all year long.

Curious what a social media ad strategy could do for your bottom line? Let’s connect!